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Top 10 uk food

British food may not be the most popular in the world. However, during Christmas, the English do manage to churn out some delectable delicacies. Try the following best 10 UK Christmas recipes and your idea about British food could dramatically change. 1. Black Olive and Fig Tapenade Crostini This luscious black olive and fig tapenade […]


Most of us don’t overthink Thanksgiving dinner. In the minds of most Americans, this is not the time to experiment with new dishes when we’re all bouncing between a half dozen stations in the kitchen trying to get everything perfect. At most, we might put a container of sour cream in the mashed potatoes to […]

pumpkin cheesecake

Best pumpkin recipes

Best recipes of foods with pumpkin. Pumpkin is among those foods with high level nutrition content. Pumpkin helps to improve the human immune system, and thus considered a healthy food, especially for children. Many pumpkin foods are not only nutritious but also delicious. We will look at top 10 pumpkin foods. 1.Pumpkin Torte This pumpkin food […]

How to make risotto

A dry scoop of rice of which green blobs of shrivelled peas decorated with Edam cheese are sadly peeping at you, IS NOT a risotto. Basic Italian risotto needs: high-quality olive oil, butter, dry white wine, authentic homemade broth, a medium-sized onion. And mainly rice of Arborio or Baldo or Carnaroli type, which ensures creamy […]

summer cocktail

Are you wondering how to refresh on hot summer days? Then try one of the fabulous cocktails! We are bringing you recipes for eight of them! What do you think of when someone says a summer vacation? Probably sandy beaches, sea and suntanned bartenders blending colourful drinks with umbrellas. Surely you’ll agree that such cocktails […]

Green Gazpacho soup in glasses

Raw food

1) What is it? And what is it good for? Raw Food – raw food consummation/ raw vegan is simply a form of preparing meals without heat. But it does not at all prevent the creation of amazing dishes that will fill you adequately. Food preparation consists of mixing, germination, drying up to 42oC and […]

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