Raw food

Green Gazpacho soup in glasses

Green Gazpacho soup in glasses

1) What is it? And what is it good for?

Raw Food – raw food consummation/ raw vegan is simply a form of preparing meals without heat. But it does not at all prevent the creation of amazing dishes that will fill you adequately. Food preparation consists of mixing, germination, drying up to 42oC and all of these processes lead to preparation of meals, which at first glance look like those you are used to in the traditional cuisine. The difference is in their composition and preparation.

As the preparation is based only on “live” products, the body receives a maximum amount of vitamins and enzymes required for digestion. And finally, it is just about digestion. Digestion leads to transferring of all nutrients into the body and eliminating of all that is useless. In other words, everything we need is taken by the body and the rest is processed immediately by elimination. Besides the fact that the body starts to clean perfectly, blood circulation is improved and it leads to improvement of all organs. We know that every organ is naturally and constantly renewed and old cells [with old information] are washed away and due to new information from food and blood new cells are formed that are a little better than the old ones. And this is precisely why many sources indicate raw food as a medicine for various diseases, even a cancer. But it is not a cure just for physical illnesses; it helps to improve mental balance, as well.

2) Are you hungry?

Really, I am not. At first though, before I managed to find a system that works for me I had cravings. I started as a pioneer without any preparation. I only read a few pieces of advice on the Internet and had no time for more. But I was determined to give it a try and I started with vegetables, fruit, nuts and germination. Sometimes a mix and that was all I needed. But then cravings appeared and I had to find other variances. Everyone, who seeks, finds! So I have found Ms. Anna Hyzova, who has been preparing meals like this over 3 years and I call her privately Anna Rawtig. She simply has a talent for making such dishes that my concerns about the lack of “flavours” were immediately “solved” and I have moved to a completely different level of perception what a raw food can be.

The meals are absolutely full-fledged and prepared with sensitivity to our climate [i.e. for 4 seasons], they look beautiful and taste really fantastic and mainly cater for all tastes. Even my favourite sandwiches have got back into my diet thanks to Anna.

Meals based on the recipes that Anna has prepared for Secret of Raw can be tried in our restaurant and they will be seasonally renewed.

fresh vegetable salad

fresh vegetable salad

3) What about vitamin B12, proteins, Q10 coenzyme, etc.?

These questions are asked because there are a lot of controversial interpretations of nutrition and still many “researches” talk about importance of meat in a diet. Vegetarianism has long proved that it is not necessary to acquire B12 from meat. In this case I would like to point out an interesting “side effect” that raw food has brought to me. It is because I had so many questions on sufficiency of various vitamins in my diet I read a lot of articles and books and looked down many documents so I have made it clear where any vitamin can come up from. I have a whole list of what I need and from where I can get it in plant foods. I have been working on its publication. You will certainly find it soon on our web sites. In addition, we will organize regular seminars in the restaurant dealing with preparation of food and 2 to 3 day outdoor seminars. Everything will be shared on our site.

4) I do not have time to prepare these dishes.

This is another big cliché. It is really just a change of foodstuffs and tools to prepare them. Besides drying and germination the preparation is very simple and when you have your system and a day in advance you germinate and dry pancakes it is less time consuming than traditional cooking.

We are going to offer a complete “coaching” during transition to raw food for those who would be interested. We are also offering a “hot line” for those who will use the recipes and the style of catering. It does not mean anything different than TRYING SOMETHING NEW. And this is actually the subject of raw food: Something new that opens opportunities for food beyond boundaries.

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