How to make a refreshing salad for the spring and summer months? This arugula salad with berry dressing recipe makes you familiarize with a high quality and captivating salad and the sweet strawberries clearly balance the tart balsamic dressing beautifully. A simple method is employed to make this wonderful salad and it can be prepared with lightning speed.

If you take the exact quantity of ingredients mentioned in this arugula salad with berry dressing recipe, you can serve this dish for 4 people. Total time needed for cooking this dish is 25 minutes. 1 1/2 cups of salad with four teaspoons dressing contains 159 calories and the fat contents available are 9 grams. When it comes to cholesterol, 19 milligrams are available and the sodium comes around 175 mg. A large number of people have become ardent fans of this wonderful salad and the ease with which it can be made plays an important role in making salad immensely popular. This dish is an excellent option for both beginners as well as cooking experts.