Are you looking for the simple way of making a summery, creamy and light smoothie? Although there are different types of smoothie recipes available, something unique is what exactly people are always looking for. This banana-peach almond smoothie recipe makes use of strawberry, peach and bananas to prepare a completely sweet smoothie and there is no need to add any additional sweeteners. In order to make it nutritious, hemp seeds and chia seeds are added these ingredients make the smoothie highly rich in amino acids, healthy fatty acids, fiber and protein as well. The bottom line is that this banana-peach recipe offers a perfect combination of excellent taste and high quality nutrients.

If you use the correct quantity of ingredients as mentioned in this banana-peach almond smoothie recipe, you can make two smoothies. You just need to spend 15 minutes for making this smoothie and fresh or frozen peach can be used according to your needs. If you want a thicker consistency, using a frozen peach is the best option available. If you want a consistency that is thinner, you can use fresh peach. Most people become ardent fans of this smoothie because it is creamy, sweet, healthy and flavorsome as well.