Cut the meat into cubes.

In a pressure cooker(if not, the time for meat to get soft extends) melt the lard and fry the finely chopped onion,sprinkle with a red pepper and fry like that for a short minute.

Add meat and fry until the meat is retracted everywhere. As soon as the meat starts leaving a juice add salt, pepper and carraway seeds. After couple minutes we pour in a water and let it simmer.

On a side we let masox to dissolve in a boiling water.

After half an hour we pour it into goulash. From now on we cook it uncovered.  We add a roux to thicken it and then add crushed garlic and marjoram. Cook it for last 30mins.

Goulash is served with either dumplings or potatoes. Decorate it with thin slices of onion.