Summer can be really hot and tiring as well. That is why many people are searching for frosty treats that offer great relief. Berry smoothie ice-blocks can be described as one of the best solutions to reduce the effect of a hot summer day and they offer the best refreshing effects to keep you chilled up. If you are searching for such a smoothie, you do not have to look any further. This berry smoothie ice-blocks recipe makes you familiarize with a simple way of making a highly refreshing frosty treat.

If you follow the exact guidelines and correct quantity of ingredients advocated in this berry smoothie ice-blocks recipe, you can serve it for 6 people. This treat can be made within 4 hours and 5 minutes. When it comes to nutritional values, it contains 89 calories and total fat contents come around only 0.09 grams. 1.1 grams fiber contents are available and the protein comes around 0.5 grams.