Do you want to know how to make a colorful traditional salad that offers great fun and taste to eat? This carrot raisin salad recipe teaches you how to make an excellent salad with a crunchy texture and the raisins provide a slightly sweet flavor for this dish. Moreover, you can prepare it with great ease and comfort and, this dish has become a favorite of a large number of people all around the world. It can be made with lightning speed and the ingredients can be purchased from a local grocery store. There is no need to spend a lot of money and you can serve this salad for your guests with absolute pride and conviction as well.

If you follow the correct guidelines and exact quantity of ingredients advocated in this carrot raisin salad recipe, you can easily make 8 servings. The total cooking time needed is just 5 minutes and the simplicity with which this salad can be made is truly astonishing. For every 1/2 cup of this salad, you get 122 calories and it contains only 5 grams fat. The cholesterol is 1 milligram and the sodium contents come around 76 milligrams. All these aspects clearly suggest that it is a very healthy dish.