Sometimes people are not satisfied with basic vinaigrette. Do you want a velvety salad with creamy dressing? This creamy salad dressing recipe teaches you how to make an excellent salad dressing with a lavish dose of mayonnaise dollop. The mayonnaise offers this dish the creaminess and body. This is a simple way of making a dressing but you can describe it is bit complex and nice as well. It does not matter when you have been to kitchen ever before, you can make this dressing in a very easy manner.

If you use the exact quantity of ingredients mentioned in this creamy salad dressing recipe, you can make 2 side salads. If you do not prefer mayonnaise, you can use plain yogurt and it can always be described as a good alternative. When you use yogurt, you can bring in a tangy taste for this dressing and it is a healthier option as well. You can make this dish in a very fast manner and the ingredients are easily available. The taste is superb and it looks nice as well. Many people have become ardent fans of this dish and the ease of preparation plays an important role in making dressing immensely popular along with the wonderful taste.