Do you want to know how to make fruit skewers that are full of vitamins? This recipe talks about how to prepare how to make a colorful and skewers that your kids will find extremely appealing and tasteful. They may even assist you in making this dish.

If you follow the guidelines and quantity of ingredients advocated in this fruit skewers recipe, you can serve for 7 people. You just need 15 minutes to prepare this skewer and there is no cooking process involved. It is a pretty simple dish to make and you can encourage kids for adding up the fruit. The method of preparation becomes really appealing for any kid.

The calories available in this dish are 59 and it does not contain any fat or saturates. The carbohydrates come around 12 grams and the amount of sugar contents is 12 grams. The quantity of fiber is 2 grams and it contains 1 gram protein as well.