Many people are leading a fast paced life and they often undermine the importance of following a healthy lifestyle. These people also give their kids a lot of junk foods and this situation leads to a lot of health complications over a period of time. If you can follow a healthy eating habit, most of the lifestyle diseases can be prevented and the quality of life increases admirably as well. Yogurt is always known as a healthy food and it can be made in different ways. If you can make a yogurt using berries, it becomes really healthy and it can always be described as a low calorie and low fat diet. Everybody knows the amazing health benefits of berries and they maintain your health at optimal levels. This instant frozen berry yogurt recipe talks about how to make a stunningly delicious yogurt within two minutes and it is an excellent eating option after your workout session.

When you follow the clear guidelines and exact quantity of ingredients recommended in this instant frozen yogurt recipe, you can make 4 servings. It is an absolutely easy yogurt to make and you just need 2 minutes to make this wonderful dish. This healthy yogurt contains only 70 calories per serving and the quantity of carbohydrates comes around 10 grams. The fiber content is 2 grams and it contains 7 grams protein as well.