It is a well known fact that Lebanese dishes have always been popular among a large number of people all around the world. They are often known as healthy dishes and the Lebanese dishes promote healthy eating habits that you can follow for a lifetime without worrying about obesity related problems.

Are you looking for a beef stew that offers a perfect combination of taste, quality and aroma? If you are looking for such a dish, you have to select the Lebanese beef stew. It can easily be described as a healthy beef stew with mind blowing Mediterranean flavors and texture. This beef stew is also known ‘Fasulia’ and it is being served in the leading restaurants all around the world. This unique stew always makes you relaxed during the cooler weather and many people are of the opinion that they cannot find a delicious dish than Lebanese stew. According to them; this beef stew offers a fulfilling and comforting effect that they can never associate with any other food.