Houmous or hummus is an extremely simple dish to make but it is extremely healthy and tasty as well. The fiber contents available in good quality houmous dishes maintain your digestive tract properly and it is also a tasty way to get more fiber into your diet. Regular intake of this dish also improves your bone, muscle and skin health and, the cholesterol levels can be lowered as well. Another benefit of quality hummus is that it promotes weight loss and alleviating anemia becomes a hassle free process with the help of this dish. This lemon & coriander houmous recipe teaches you how to make a better houmous than a store bought one. You can use vegetable crudites with this dish.

If you add the correct quantity of ingredients mentioned in this lemon & coriander houmous recipe, you can make 6 servings. This dish can be made within 15 minutes and it offers a lot of health benefits.