When it come to preparing Easter cakes, people always think about extravagant cakes with rich taste and beautiful texture. What about preparing a cake using cardamom? Cardamom can be described as an exotic spice and, the unique and pleasant fragrance can always be associated with this spice. It has become an integral component of cooking dishes all around the world. It offers a wide range of health benefits and they include detoxifying the body, cleansing kidneys and bladder, stimulating digestive system, improving circulation, preventing stomach acidity, offering antioxidant properties and increasing appetite as well. What do all these aspects indicate? They clearly suggest that cakes made using cardamom are extremely delicious and consuming these cakes do not affect your health in an adverse manner.

Are you an ardent fan of the Finnish treat known as Kardemummakakku or Cardamom Cream Cake? This recipe called Mini Cardamom cream cakes recipe is inspired by the above mentioned Finnish treat and an excellent flavor can always be associated with this wonderful dish. You can top them off with your favorite fruit and here, blueberries are used as toppings.