Peach and raspberry ice-blocks are delightful when summer is really hot and you look for something really refreshing during this hot weather condition. The dish that you select should beat the heat and it should offer a rejuvenating experience. That is what exactly happens with this peach and raspberry ice-block. It can be prepared with absolute ease and the ingredients can be purchased form a local grocery store. The taste can be described as amazingly refreshing and you cannot find a better option than this dish to beat heat. All these aspects make it the ideal option for the summer season.

This peach and raspberry ice-blocks recipe teaches you how to combine peach and raspberry in a harmonious manner to prepare extremely delicious ice-blocks and it also combines fat-free vanilla yogurt to make the taste amazingly captivating. You are going to explore something unique with this rare combination and it can certainly be described as a healthy option as well. Many people may wonder how they can prepare healthy ice-blocks because most ice-reams and contain high doses of fat. This recipe is going to break that concept and it redefines your concept of preparing ice-blocks.