Peaches are regarded as the symbol of friendship and immortality. The experts consider them as a powerfood because they fortify the health in many ways. This fruit makes you feel full in the best possible manner and it help you not to overeat. You also get protection against obesity-related diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and, it is extremely rich in phytochemicals known as phenols that have amazing antioxidant properties. Since this fruit contains a lot of Vitamin A and C, it regenerates skin tissues and all types of skin related issues can be prevented with utmost efficiency. If you are suffering from stress, you can use this fruit to get relief and hair loss related issues can also be prevented effectively. Are you interested in making a smoothie using peach? This Peach Melba smoothie recipe teaches you how to combine peach, raspberries and orange juice to make a creamy and fruity shake that offers great taste and wonderful health benefits as well.