Do you want to know how to combine pitta bread, houmous, watercress and spinach to make a simple but delicious snack? Everybody knows that pitta bread is packed with a lot of nutrients and offers outstanding health benefits. It is leaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals and, the potential health benefits include inhibiting fat absorption, reducing cholesterol, controlling blood sugar managing diabetes and many more. Houmous is an excellent source for you want to get a nice balance of nutrients and it reduces rheumatoid arthritis in the best manner. You can control your triglycerides levels with houmous and some of the nutrients available in it include protein, fiber, fats, carbs, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, iron zinc manganese as well. Watercress and spinach also offer a good number of health benefits because of the presence of high quality nutrients and this pitta pockets recipe teaches you how to combine all these ingredients to make a snack that can recharge you after a workout session or playing sport.

If you follow the guidelines and proper quantity of ingredients mentioned in this pitta pockets recipe, you can make 1 serving. The method of preparation is totally uncomplicated and the preparation time comes around only 5 minutes. It is an excellent energy booster and you get an equal distribution of ingredients when you consume this wonderful snack. If you are interested in experimenting, you can change the vegetable ingredients according to your own preference.