Many people take decision on throwing a party for friends during the last minute. In such a situation, preparing dishes and appetizers become a daunting task and quite naturally, many mistakes are bound to happen. This Prosciutto- Wrapped Pears recipe can be described as your reliable go-to recipe for last minute entertainment and you just need 5 ingredients to prepare this appetizer. A magical taste can always be associated with this option because the saltiness of prosciutto blends with the sweetness of ripe pears to deliver an amazing experience for your taste buds. That is exactly why many people describe it as a magical appetizer and the method of preparation is extremely simple as well.

The simple method of preparation plays an important role in making this appetizer immensely popular among a large group of people all around the world and, the captivating and magical taste has won the hearts of millions of people across different counties. The bottom line is that you cannot find a better appetizer during this summer season and the taste of this unique appetizer always takes you into a different world altogether.