Are you interested in making a mouth-watering and inspiring smoothie that offers excellent health benefits? If you are searching for such a recipe, you can follow this pumpkin pie smoothie recipe. This smoothie is loaded with fiber, potassium and vitamin A and flax seed can be used to top each serving. If you like, a pinch of nutmeg can be used. Moreover, it can be made in a very easy and fast manner.

This is a simple smoothie to make and this pumpkin pie smoothie recipe can be described as one of the easiest ones. Everybody can make it irrespective of their cooking skills and the taste is pretty captivating and inspiring. This is not a smoothie that makes you fat or unhealthy. On the contrary, it makes you healthy and energized in a positive way. When it comes to nutrition, this pie smoothie stands tall, Total calories available are 165 and the fat contents are 2.5 grams of total fat. Sodium is 65 mg and there are 33 grams of carbohydrates available. Other nutrients are dietary fiber (4 grams), sugar (19 grams) and protein (5 grams).