No one is too old for sweet delights. Whether it is on bright, sunny day or on a cold, long night, a piece of sweet dessert is something you could never shun. It is always nice to munch something sweet and feel young over and over again. So, indulge yourself and relax while you sink that sweet tooth on Rhubarb and Sour Cream Cake.

The delectable experience will surely make you try this recipe again. Well, why not? This is good for all occasions and even on normal days. Needless to mention, you will not only savor the taste but also benefit from the rich nutrients thereof. Truly, the Rhubarb and Sour Cream Cake is a recipe that you could in your baking prowess arsenal.

After baking, delight yourself with 8 servings of the mouth-watering Rhubarb and Sour Cream Cake.