Granny smith apples offer excellent taste and they have always been wonderful addition to recipes. The higher acid contents available prevent them from going brown fast after cutting and the nutritional benefits of this fruit can be described as exceptional. Granny Smith apples are powerful antioxidants and they make your weight loss journey really faster. You can enjoy regulated blood sugar levels with the regular intake of this fruit and your teeth health also undergoes tremendous transformation. What about making a delicious snack using Granny Smiths that controls your food cravings for a longer duration of time? This spiced apple crisps recipe talks about how to make such a snack with great ease and comfort and the unique combination of apple and cinnamon makes it truly special.

With the quantity of ingredients recommended in this spiced apple crisps recipe, you can make one serving. The preparation time needed is 5 minutes and the cooking time comes around 45 to 60 minutes.