Many people have become ardent fans of lamb dishes. First and foremost, lamb is extremely versatile and you can prepare lamb dishes with enormous ease like beef. When it comes to lamb, you can select from a wide range of cuts like leg, chops or rack of lambs and the possibilities can be described as endless. You can even experiment with a lamb burger as well. If you do not have any idea on how to prepare a delicious lamb dish, this spicy maple-glazed lamb chops with wilted spinach puts forward the easiest method of cooking and you also can come to learn that the lamb is really best served medium–rare.

This recipe recommends searing the chops and then, you need to cook well in the oven. Within 10 minutes, they are cooked to a medium-rare and, the spicy and sweet glaze goes in complete harmony with the taste of the lamb. The wilted spinach also plays a prominent role in making it a perfect dish.