Pizza can always be described as a popular dish among most people all around the world. People use different types of ingredients to make pizza and this spinach pizza recipe talks about how to make a stunningly tasteful pizza in a simple way. As the name suggests, it is a veggie filled dish and you can make it within a short period of time. Many people think that pizza is difficult dish to make and this recipe teaches you how to make a delicious pizza in a very simple and fast manner.

If you follow the exact guidelines and the quantity of ingredients mentioned in this spinach pizza recipe, you can serve it for 6 people. Total time needed to make this dish is 25 minutes and you can prepare this pizza with absolute ease. When it comes to nutritional facts, it contains 270 calories per slice and the fat contents come around 11 grams. The quantity of cholesterol is 33 milligrams and it contains 549 milligrams sodium. The protein contents come around 13 grams and the carbohydrate level is 27 grams.