Popcorn is no longer a delicious snack confined to movie theaters and some other public places. You can prepare them at home in an easy manner and many people are making popcorn as a snack at home. Do you know that it offers a lot of health benefits? Popcorn controls your blood sugar levels effectively and it reduces cholesterol levels in the best manner. The digestive process can be improved and you get better protection against osteoporosis as well. It has been found out that popcorn inhibits cognitive decline and it plays an important role in preventing premature aging. You can enjoy all these benefits due to the powerful ingredients available in the popcorn such as polyphenolic compounds, fiber, antioxidants, manganese and vitamin B complex. This sweet & spicy popcorn recipe makes you familiarize with the easiest method of making a healthy snack with rich taste.

If you use the same quantity of ingredients advocated in this sweet & spicy popcorn recipe, you can serve it for two people. The preparation time comes around 5 minutes and you can cook it within 2 minutes. This is a very simple dish and as stated above, you can use it warm or store to use as a snack.