Avocados are immensely rich with mono saturated fatty acid contents and they lower cholesterol in the best possible manner. The fiber contents also play a very vital role in regulating cholesterol levels. If you have constipation related issues, this fruit is good option because of the fiber contents and it also helps you lose weight in a fast manner. You can control your blood sugar levels with the regular intake of avocado and optimal hormone balance can be achieved as well. Since this fruit contains high amount of magnesium, you can enjoy sound sleep and it also reduces the risk of cancer. Bone health can be improved if you take avocado regularly and the absorption of other vitamins becomes a hassle free process. Other benefits of avocado include better brain function, strengthened immune system, high anti-inflammatory properties and elevated skin health. This turkey & avocado toast recipe teaches you how to combine turkey with avocado harmoniously for making a wonderful energy boosting healthy snack.

With the quantity of ingredients recommended in this turkey & avocado toast recipe, you can serve this dish for two people. The preparation time is around 10 minutes and it can be cooked within 5 minutes as well.