How can you make a delicious dish by combining sweet and salty flavors? Many people may wonder how to do and according to them, it is an impossible task. This is a wrong perception and you do not need to panic while thinking about it because this Uptown Figs recipe teaches you how to prepare such a dish in an uncomplicated manner. You can prepare this dish with absolute ease and it can be prepared within 20 minutes. The ingredients are easily available and the method of preparation is extremely simple.

With the quantity recommended in this Uptown Figs recipe, you can make 24 servings and it can be described as a healthy option as well.

Whenever you think about preparing easy appetizers, you can easily choose this recipe. Only 5 ingredients are required to make this wonderful dish and you do not need to worry about spending a lot of time in the kitchen. This summer recipe offers amazing taste and you can make your guests extremely happy with this simple dish.